Friday, June 21, 2013

Michael Bloomberg’s Zero-Sum Worldview

Being cool doesn't count at Pacific Standard magazine.

Theme: Critiquing the Creative Class model of talent migration.

Subject Article: "Long Island Brain Drain Targeted by Planners, Developers."

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Postscript: The blog post title is misleading. I really want to talk about Long Island's latest attempt to plug the brain drain. Bloomberg citing chapter and verse from the Richard Florida bible is a good way to make my point. The Creative Class boondoggle pitch:

Spearheading this effort was Donald Monti, CEO of Renaissance Downtowns LLC, an innovative developer of mixed-used projects in Bristol, Conn., Huntington Station and one just announced in Hempstead. Monti said the young people of LI will stay here if they are provided with the types of “urban nodes in suburbia” that they want, noting that the community in Bristol recently promoted an event called “the pop-up piazza” through social media and drew 20,000 people to the  redeveloped downtown community—an unprecedented gathering. He wants the developing community here to recreate that experience throughout the Island.

“What better rallying cause than helping Long Island’s Millennials?” said Monti. “Young people want cool downtowns with public transportation where they can live, shop, work, learn, and play.”

Anyone else having flashbacks to Marge vs. the Monorail?

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