Monday, November 04, 2013

Do Jobs Follow People or Do People Follow Jobs?

Battle of the two urban geographic paradigms at Pacific Standard magazine.

Theme: Theories about cities.

Subject Article: "Keys to the City: how economics, institutions, social interaction and politics shape development."

Other Links: 1. "Smart Growth: Education, Skilled Workers, & the Future of Cold-Weather Cities."
3. "What Workers Lose By Staying Put."
4. "Stay Put, Young Man."
5. "Failure of Place and Economic Development."
6. "The city startup: Tony Hsieh’s downtown project."
7. "The Interview: Joel Kotkin versus Richard Florida."
8. "Mapping 60 Years of White Flight, Brain Drain and American Migration."
9. "Mobility, Skills, and the Michigan Non-Compete Experiment."
10. "Talent Retention Causes Brain Drain."
11. "Noncompetes Are Lame — Let’s Set the Creators Free."
12. "Q&A With Michael Storper About His New Book."

Postscript: One comment, almost an aside, from Michael Storper's lecture stood out to me. The jobs-follow-people approach does have its place. Storper contends that this theory about cities is effective intra-regionally, but not inter-regionally. That's how I see place-making and place-branding working, changing the psychology of residents and helping with community integration.

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