Friday, March 21, 2014

Peak Talent

Peak talent is the new peak oil at Pacific Standard magazine.

Theme: Demographic decline.

Subject Article: "Slumping Fertility Rates in Developing Countries Spark Labor Worries: Birthrates Fall in Thailand, Raising Concerns about Aging Population."

Other Links: 1. "Talent Is The New Oil."
2. "Shale Gas And Talent Geopolitics."
3. "Age Problem: Projected year of working-age population peak."
4. "Hong Kong Is Dying."
5. "Asia's Rise: Don't believe the hype about the decline of America and the dawn of a new Asian age. It will be many decades before China, India, and the rest of the region take over the world, if they ever do."
6. "Putin is violating a rule that was designed to prevent World War Three."
7. "Plugging China's talent pool."
8. "Can Chinese 'immigration deficit' be cut in future?"
9. "A Second American Century."

Postscript: I guess I'm hitching my wagon to the talent-is-the-new-oil metaphor. I already term places such as NYC "talent refineries". Universities are talent extractors, the energy companies. Places such as Pittsburgh are resource-rich fields where the good stuff is easy (i.e. inexpensive) to mine. The low-hanging fruit is pretty well picked over with demand ever-increasing as new markets develop economically. We've entered an era of difficult-to-extract talent, which requires considerable innovation and investment.

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