Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How Local Assets Become Global Assets

Separate a real estate market into two parts: investors and occupiers.

Theme: Globalization and real estate.

Subject Article: "Miami condo-buyers aren't homeowners. They're traders."

Other Links: 1. "Property advisers scale up to challenge dominant global players."
2. "5 intriguing trends to track in the multifamily housing game."

Postscript: Strict zoning can push up land values. So can speculative real estate investment. Yet the former is held up as a major concern, the latter dismissed as a natural feature of a market. Speculative real estate investment is demand that distorts a market just like zoning distorts a market by inhibiting supply. Market urbanism will not make housing more affordable. It will make a bad situation, worse. Such ideological thinking does not deserve a seat at the policy table.

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