Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Social Innovation and Informal Housing Supply

Changing zoning regulations is an inefficient way to address the housing affordability problem.

Theme: Economic geography of housing affordability

Subject Article: "Silicon Valley’s Extremely Expensive Bunk Beds."

Postscript: High rents be damned, young people will figure out a way to live in the city. About 20-years ago, I did the DC internship thing. Most of the interns I knew were affiliated with a college program, which took care of the usual room and board concerns. I had no such luxury. Since Amnesty International provided a commuting stipend, I lived way out in the boondocks with the mother of my girlfriend. Rent was free. My internship supported the 4-hour round trip journey to work. The situation was less than ideal. But that's what I could afford. The urban advantage is an irrational choice.

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