Friday, July 17, 2015

How Can Rust Belt Cities Attract More Immigrants?

Communities might roll out the red carpet for the foreign-born, but the more welcoming disposition doesn't do the trick.

Theme: Immigration and economic development

Subject Article: "Why newcomers are beginning to bypass Canada’s big cities."

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Postscript: As the era of rural-to-urban international migration comes to an end, immigration to the United States will matter more in terms of quality than quantity. Immigrants won't boost the population. They will boost the regional economy.


interburgher said...

Hi Jim,

I find this question very thought-provoking and I am seeking more of your opinion. What's the solution?

Jim Russell said...

Via a different path of research, I've reached the same conclusion as Dr. Margaret Walton-Roberts (cited in the blog post via the Toronto Globe and Mail article). Higher education is the best magnet with student visas offering a favorable policy regime. Even better is a research university which can leverage the presence of foreign-born talent.