Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Geography of Market Innovation

Government shouldn't pick winners. Deregulate and unleash the market. Taxes distort the economy. Why aren't my free market friends shouting down noncompete clauses?

So the argument goes, without noncompetes, innovation suffers. California mocks that position. California discourages noncompetes. Silicon Valley innovates just fine and thank you. Squash noncompetes and don't worry about innovation. The defense [department] could rest right here.

The obvious rationale for banning noncompetes seems lost on libertarian-leaning Republicans. California is a high-tax state. Fight high-tax states. Since California is tax and spend liberal, banning noncompetes must be bad. Never mind that Silicon Valley anything disproves any devolution fantasy. Big Government birthed Big Tech. Without nonprofit Stanford, the private market chases the diminishing returns of manufacturing.

Noncompete contracts serve the interests of big business. As Ben Chinitiz once wrote, serving the interests of big business hurts the regional economy. Competition is good.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander. How competition saved New York, competition for talent could save the United States. Make America great again. Stop subsidizing captive labor for lazy industry.

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