Friday, June 23, 2006

Looking for Pittsburgh Optimism

If there is hope for Pittsburgh, that promising vision will likely come from beyond the region. I'm a Pittsburgh outsider and every time I visit the city, I see great potential. But when I interact with the local kingmakers and powerbrokers, I hear only pessimism. I wouldn't be the first person to remark on Pittsburgh's deeply fractured political landscape. I didn't notice much in the way of an opportunity to collaborate with any of the regional stakeholders.

The optimists and visionaries have all left Pittsburgh in search of this opportunity. During their journey far from home, they have encountered new ideas. That much of the talent has migrated away from the Pittsburgh region is a good thing. Now these economic nomads must reclaim their homeland.

1 comment:

sustainable said...

Have you found it? Optimism that is.

Who is this Pittsburgh royalty with which you interact? Have you considered developing a more thorough perspective and engaging stakeholders outside the political domain?

Tell me how the New Economy has freed you to economically enable Pittsburgh.