Saturday, August 05, 2006

Marketing Pittsburgh

Pittsburghers leaving their hometown need to sow the seeds of the next wave of immigration. I've heard some people call Pittsburgh "Little San Francisco" and the real estate refugees from the Bay Area might agree, if they knew even just a little bit about the City with Three Rivers.

As we all know, Pittsburgh expatriates abound in just about every major city in the United States. They bring a bit of the Burgh with them wherever they go, San Francisco included. Giordano Brothers is a shining example, serving up the All in One sandwich to more than those who simply miss home. The "Pittsburgh Sandwich" is a big hit.

With Carnegie Mellon University sporting a branch campus in the area, this region is primed for a Pittsburgh media blitz. I'm sure this isn't lost on CMU, but what about the rest of Pittsburgh? The networks the Burgh Diaspora is developing on the Left Coast should be one of the Burgh's greatest assets. At the very least, there should be a number of interregional B-2-B opportunities.

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sustainable said...

Could this next wave of Pittsburgh immigrants manifest in the form of global tribes (virtual social networks of existence)? With the pervasive influence of new media shaping our identities, why not give these expatriates a way to enjoy the Pittsburgh culture from the comforts of their current physical space?

To make things even more comfortable, why not enable the Giordano Brothers with a virtual Pittsburgh merchant marketplace and fulfill the space of these expatriates by reinforcing their Pittsburgh affiliations?

Transform a milieu at it were.