Sunday, August 27, 2006

Shameless Self-Promotion

On August 18th, Public Radio Capitol News contacted this blog in order to do a story on Pennsylvania's "in-migration" problem. Of course I was happy to talk with reporter Damon Boughamer about this issue and I was thrilled when family in Pittsburgh heard me speaking on WDUQ.

The transcript of the broadcast can be found here:

PA and peer states see little in-migration

The quote Mr. Boughamer used concerns some thinking I've done on regional investment in education. Why spend a lot of money on educating children who will likely leave the area? I recommend designing a school system that attracts people new to the area. I think a globalization focus could generate plenty of publicity and announce that Pittsburgh welcomes outsiders. I'm personally interested in developing a curriculum for global civics, which would imagine Pittsburgh's identity on a global scale.

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