Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Burgh Diego

8 times a year, the Steelers Nation invades another town. I try to attend at least one away game per season in order to reconnect with the Burgh Diaspora. The airport was covered with Black and Gold. The roving fan base is more than a large group of expatriates who relocated to the San Diego region for economic benefit. People come from all over the country to celebrate their team and their culture.

The tailgating never disappoints. I shipped Parma kolbassi to a fellow fan whom I knew only through a website. Fansites are the engine of this nomadic support group. 25 or more of us organized online to secure a block of tickets and make sure we would enjoy a real Pittsburgh shindig in the heart of San Diego. A woman who goes by the handle of CASteeler set out a spread that would rival anything in the parking lots of Heinz Field on game day. In addition to the kolbassi, we had traditional goodies such as pierogies and chipped ham. We washed it all down with some Iron City another fan carried in from Arizona (you can't get Pittsburgh Brewing in California).

Once inside the stadium, you can't miss all the Terrible Towels. 20,000? 25,000? It felt like a home game at certain times. When the Charger players were introduced, you could hear booing and many of the fans in attendance held up their Towels with pride. For a few moments, the stadium was a sea of Black and Gold, with flecks of powder blue. This was an awesome display of the power of the Steelers Nation.

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