Monday, October 02, 2006

Convergence Pittsburgh

Virtual Burgh Diaspora is starting to grow. Thanks to a Richard Florida post, this blog's affinity network is taking shape. Via Technorati, a blog tracking site, I can see what other blogs link to the Burgh Diaspora. Hot on the heels of Florida's kind words, Convergence entered into the conversation:

This site is intended to compile my ever-evolving knowledge base of workforce, economic development, Chamber of Commerce and non-profit governance information. Expect some technology info sprinkled in as well.

While Florida's Creativity Exchange blog is our touch point, I think we share some common interests of our own. For example, concerning my recent foray into the world of high speed internet connectivity, Convergence author Thomas Fellrath is much more intimate with the subject. In short order, I can catch up with the latest on community and regional WiFi initiatives.

The Burgh Diaspora network can learn quite a bit from the experiences of other regional initiatives. Connecting stakeholders within a region is challenging enough, but inter-regional cooperation is the frontier of economic development. This part of the blogosphere is a step in that direction.

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Tom said...

Much obliged for the link - I'm glad that we're finding linkages to each other and building a larger pool of knowledge.

Best of luck with your blog! My wife and I have been to Pittsburgh a few times, and she loves to get back when she can. Your community's turnaround is nothing short of inspiring.