Sunday, January 28, 2007

Network North Dakota

I was researching a follow up post on Globalscot and I found a few other diaspora network initiatives. The North Dakota Ambassador Program aims to attract businesses and jobs to North Dakota through its natives who have relocated to urban areas considered strategically linked to the global economy:

North Dakota Business Events have been held in five metro areas so far including Minneapolis, Chicago, Denver, the Silicon Valley and Portland, OR. If you become an ambassador and live in one of our target cities, you will be invited. You will hear good news from North Dakota at a dinner or reception attended by fellow North Dakota-connected people and business executives.

Recent success stories range from a San Francisco-based expatriate building an arts center in his hometown to entrepreneurs returning to the state. The network also helps natives land jobs in places beyond North Dakota. The organization sees a benefit in helping North Dakotans wherever they may live.

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