Friday, January 05, 2007

Reviving Pittsburgh

Taking advantage of my unintended hiatus, I've decided to refocus the blog. My original goal was to organize the Burgh Diaspora primarily as a resource for Pittsburgh expatriates, while exploring the possibility of enfranchising this demographic as a positive force for change back in the home country. I now understand that Network Pittsburgh needs a cause, inspiring the civic engagement of a "critical mass of like-minded people." In this spirit, I pledge to tag all future posts with the themes I think are crucial to the New Pittsburgh project.

I see 6 themes emerging from my body of work:

  • Migration - How I frame Pittsburgh's problems
  • Labor Mobility - A demographic trend Pittsburgh should leverage to its advantage
  • Connectivity - The primary metric of success for the Knowledge Economy
  • Diaspora - The connected mobile class
  • Innovation - The prize for harnessing restless intellectual capital
  • Frontier Geographies - The landscape of innovation

I'll need to retroactively tag each post, allowing the reader to easily track the thread of each theme. However, I suspect that I am the only one interested in this utility. Organizing my thoughts into concept categories should help me find more like-minded people.

Furthermore, I plan on organizing the listed blog links by theme. I also hope a blog or site ring will develop that is committed to helping to build New Pittsburgh. I will endeavor to collect links to similar projects to that of New Pittsburgh, an idea world of the like-minded.

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jenna said...

Great idea. Much easier to follow the diverse subject matters.