Thursday, June 21, 2007


We already know about the Pittsburgh-Hollywood connection, but Pittsburgh-Bollywood? Indian doctor-turned-filmmaker (and Pittsburgh resident), Ravi Godse is set to release a DVD, Dr. Ravi & Mr. Hyde on July 17th:

Like many men his age, Dr. Ravi finds himself halfway through his life having not yet achieved the greatness he anticipated. Sure, he could buy a sports car or find a hot, young babe to help him through his midlife crisis, but Dr. Ravi yearns for more. His search for divine fulfillment takes him from the halls of a hospital to what he believes is his true calling - directing and producing a true "timeless classic" motion picture.

On his journey, he must cope with unscrupulous agents, reluctant colleagues, an unenthusiastic wife and even the Mafia. From the streets of Pittsburgh to the sun-swept shores of South Africa, Dr. Ravi's search takes him near and far eventually bringing him to the realization that it's not important what he does or how well he does it, as long as he just does something.

Can a busy doctor moonlight as a filmmaker or is his comical adventure just a midlife crisis in the making?

I haven't seen the movie, but the plot looks like a good diaspora tale with ample labor mobility for the protagonist (not to mention the writer/director/filmmaker). Thanks to Jeremiah Huth of Pittsburgh-based Inecom Entertainment Company for the tip.

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