Monday, June 04, 2007

Doctor Brain Drain

A crisis is brewing in Pennsylvania. Apparently, there is a shortage of doctors. How else can I explain the bill introduced in the State House to forgive the student loans of graduating doctors who stick around for 10 years? Once again, a politician is beating the drum of brain drain:

Mr. Shapiro said that only about 8 percent of the doctors who train at Pennsylvania medical schools end up staying and practicing in this state. He also said the percentage of Pennsylvania doctors under age 35 has been dropping for the past 15 years and now stands at 3 percent.

I'm not sure what is so special about doctors who train at PA medical schools. If there are jobs available, Pennsylvania should open up its treasure chest to the entire country. Representative Shapiro is pandering to his political base, not creatively solving a problem.

Shapiro's bill is another example of the poor returns on investment in education. 92 percent of doctors trained in PA medical schools go elsewhere. I surely hope there is no state subsidy in play. Otherwise, the state is ripping off the taxpayers.

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