Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Connectivity Toronto

Chris Briem's recent suggestion that Pittsburgh look northward to Ontario and Toronto took a hit when US Airways announced that they will soon end service to Toronto. In swoops Porter Airlines, according to Pop City:

Porter Airlines takes a stylish approach to the business, offering attentive service and creative fare structures that allow customers to change itineraries without penalty up to an hour before flight time. Leather seats, free in-flight wine, drinks, and snacks, complimentary shuttle service to the downtown, and a beautiful, state-of-the-art waiting lounge in Toronto with Wi-Fi and business work stations are among the perks. While Porter is targeting the business crowd, its flights into City Centre Airport are a short and lovely ferry ride to downtown Toronto, attractive to visitors as well, [Brad Cicero, company spokesperson] adds.

The data I've seen indicate that Toronto is an under appreciated opportunity for Pittsburgh. US Airways no longer flying there supports that understanding. While I'm still bullish on orienting toward Washington, DC, looking northward to Cleveland, Buffalo and Toronto has enormous potential. That way, Pittsburgh will continue to haunt Richard Florida wherever he goes.

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