Friday, July 20, 2007

Pittsburgh Creative Network (Carl McGrady Diaspora)

{art}iculate recently sent out its first newsletter. I'm doing my best to promote any Pittsburgh talent network. So, if you know of others, please pass them along. The orientations of these networks do tend to be local, but many involved count circles in other cities among their assets.

For example, {art}iculate's featured artist for July is Carl McGrady:

[He] has been around the world and back, but he says that Japan has been his greatest single influence. Starting in Butler Pa, his art interests took him to Chicago, New York, Japan, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Napa, Ojai (CA) and Miami. In addition, he has spent extensive time in Canada, Europe, and Caribbean/Latin America. He is a student of the Art Institute of Chicago, University of Chicago and Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan. He was influenced by the Ukiyo-e Masters and mentored by great Japanese Artists as Unichi Hiratsuka and Shiko Munakata, Japan's Masters of black and white Modern Japanese Prints.

That's an impressive list of nodes and Carl's network could be part of yours. Pittsburgh should conduct a connectivity audit, which would identify local actors with relationships in other regions. An audit increases the visibility of opportunities available to Pittsburghers, which helps to spur economic development.

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