Saturday, August 11, 2007

Not-So-International Pittsburgh

From the better-late-than-never file, University of Pittsburgh finally figured out that welcoming international students at the airport might be a good idea. Actually, I'm not shocked to read that story in today's Post-Gazette. Carnegie Mellon University still hasn't formalized the practice, despite (perhaps a result of) large numbers arriving each year. This is another fine example of Pittsburgh's navel gazing and the obsession with those who might leave.

I'm sure most students manage just fine on their own and wouldn't go home because the welcome wagon wasn't present. But a warm reception might help the students feel appreciated and more likely to stay after graduation. There is nothing but upside to rolling out the red carpet to newcomers.

Does GlobalPittsburgh have an information booth at the airport for international arrivals? This is what I mean when I discuss infrastructure for the mobile class. Pittsburgh's orientation is all wrong for the knowledge economy, with too much focus on reducing geographic mobility while ignoring opportunities for connectivity.

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