Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Project Olympus Show and Tell

Project Olympus will be holding our 2nd Show and Tell, Sept 25, 3:30-5pm in the Collaborative Innovation Center lecture hall with a reception immediately following at Google Pgh.

Information about registration & directions (and about other Olympus events) can be found on our Events page:

For those of you who are not yet too familiar with Olympus... in a nutshell: Project Olympus is a new initiative designed to create a climate/culture and community that will enable talent and ideas to grow in the region. Please do explore our website:

Our Inaugural Show and Tell attracted a broad swath of folks from the region's innovation investment community --and a lot of buzz. See:
The program and presentation slides can be downloaded from the Olympus Events page.

We have another fun and stimulating program in store, chock full of exciting talent and ideas, showcasing both Olympus and Community projects in progress:

-Luis von Ahn and Matt Humphrey will give brief updates on their projects (Matt's team was selected to participate in the Y-Combinator program this summer and Luis has been named one of this year's top 35 innovators under the age of 35 by Technology Review:

We'll then hear short reports from 2 innovative gaming projects:
-Betty Cheng and Ulas Bardak (SCS Phd students) inventors of Mindkin, a social networking game designed to connect people with kindred interests, will report on its use during Carnegie Mellon's orientation program for incoming students.
-Eric Brown and Asi Burak (ETC graduates) of ImpactGames
--and PeaceMaker fame--
will talk about "Play the News," their new interactive experience that explores social and political issues affecting the world today.

In a Focus on Computational Biology:
-Bob Murphy will give an overview of the newly inaugurated Lane Center for Computational Biology, and
-Roni Rosenfeld will talk about Project GATTACA (vaccine design in the computer lab).

Finally, PGH Connects, our feature to highlight people/groups with like-minded goals, will present a short preview of Carl Kurlanders' upcoming film "A Tale of Two Cities" (Pgh and Hollywood). See:

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