Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blog Release: Question for Senator Obama

From Richard Herman:

I am a Cleveland immigration lawyer, trustee of the Cleveland Council on World Affairs, Cuyahoga County Bar Association, and the Northeast Ohio Immigrant & Minority Business Alliance.

I would like to ask you the following question in anticipation of the Debate on Tuesday, February 26, at Cleveland State University:

"There are several proposals (such as High Skill Immigration Zones) that seek to remove restrictions on High Skill immigration AND seek to provide special incentives for high-growth companies and high-end immigrant talent to relocate to economically distressed, progressively depopulating regions such as RustBelt Cities.

As President, would you support such initiatives that seek to reframe immigration policy in terms of "economic stimulus" and global competitiveness?

If so, how do you propose to lead the country into a new, less-divisive national discourse on immigration?


For background information on the High Skill Immigration Zone proposal, and other issues related to the impact of foreign-born talent on high-growth industries and job creation, please note the following and attached:








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