Monday, February 04, 2008

GLUE Detroit

Detroit is hosting a GLUE conference:

The Detroit Regional Chamber is hosting leaders of its counterpart chambers of commerce in at least 16 other cities for a two-day conference on community partnerships Feb. 11-12 at The Henry Ford.

That gathering, with support from the Washington-based nonprofit Brookings Institution, includes chamber representatives from Chicago; Toledo; Grand Rapids; Pittsburgh; Cleveland; Minneapolis; Kalamazoo; Cincinnati; Indianapolis; Columbus, Ohio; Buffalo; Erie, Pa.; Des Moines; Rockford, Ill.; Akron; and Kitchener, Ontario.

Conference goals include finding ways for the Midwest to stay competitive in a global economy and identifying common economic issues the region can raise for presidential contenders and Congress — one reason the conference is timed shortly after the Super Tuesday primaries, Ed Wolking Jr., senior vice president of the Chamber, said.

Kitchener, Ontario! Anyone reading this post familiar with the Ontario blog scene (i.e. other than Toronto)?

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