Monday, April 14, 2008

Rust Belt Culture

I contend that "Slap Shot" is the official movie of the Burgh Diaspora. But I wouldn't be surprised if much of the Hockey Diaspora feels the same way. To those of you who know who Dave Hanson is, you'll enjoy this story about his son:

It might be the Hanson name was never a burden because he didn't realize its impact until too late. At a hockey tournament in Calgary when he was 16, Christian looked up to see some commotion in the crowd. He shrugged it off. Then a parent approached him afterward and said Dave Hanson couldn't even watch the game.

"Why not?" Christian asked.

"Team Germany absolutely swarmed him," the parent said.

"That's when it really hit me, who he was," Christian Hanson said. "It's not even something that's [only] famous in the U.S. It's global."

The reach of Rust Belt mythos is impressive.

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