Friday, April 04, 2008

Toronto Heart Richard Florida?

Eye Weekly takes another shot at the Richard Florida Revolution:

But it was during his time at George Mason University where his theories of a Creative Class took shape — after establishing his academic career at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh — becoming the stuff of best-selling books, an institute, and lucrative speaking gigs. “I thought that if I moved to Washington that maybe I could change the United States,” Florida demurs. And, when that wasn’t quite happening, he made a little spreadsheet — not on a computer, but napkin scribbles, he clarifies — to help pinpoint the precise place where he needed to be.

Oh, combined with the fact that Rotman School dean Roger Martin offered him an opportunity to run the $120 million Prosperity Institute from a Toronto base. (And, for what amounts to a tertiary part-time job as a professor, he earns $169,999.98 a year according to this week’s Public Sector Salary Disclosure.)

If the Dr. Florida migration doesn't demonstrate the value of geographic mobility, then I don't know what does.

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