Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ontario Diaspora

While Richard Florida continues to celebrate all things Toronto, Ontario expatriates are much more pessimistic:

Jeffrey Meyers, a Ph.D. law student from Vancouver, asked McGuinty what Ontario's post-secondary system is doing to halt the brain drain to other countries.

The premier said it will not be possible to offer every talented postgraduate student their ultimate job in Ontario, so the aim is to have as many people working at the top of their profession as possible.

He added he believes there is value in young talent working abroad.

"I want all Canadians to feel very much lik an global citizens and that you can, and possibly should, find some international experience so that you can bring that experience to bear at home," he said.

Mon Dieu, the Creative Class is fleeing Canada! The hysteria over brain drain is misplaced and promises to retain talent are empty. I'm delighted that Premier Dalton McGuinty recognizes the value of out-migration and geographic mobility. I only wish that more politicians would have the courage to embrace the diaspora experience.

No matter how cool or tolerant Toronto is, talent will leave. In that regard, Pittsburgh is no different. But what Toronto has that Pittsburgh doesn't is ample immigration. Ontario, like the United Kingdom, needs only to mind the rules of attraction.


Done By Forty said...

I know you wrote about the Toronto-Buffalo NFL union a while back, and I stumbled across this article that may be of interest:

Jim Russell said...

Thanks for the tip.

Richard Florida picked up on the story, but I think I could add something of my own that might be worthwhile.