Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Blog Release: Pittsburgh Expat Happy Hour

From the Philadelphia Weekly:

5-7pm. Free. Memphis Taproom,
2331 E. Cumberland St.

Between its recent Mystery Beer Weekend and events ranging from yard sales to craft fairs, Port Fishington newbie Memphis Taproom has gone to great lengths to establish itself as the most welcoming of friendly neighborhood beer bars. Another grabby concept guaranteed to put butts in stools is a happy hour celebrating those who have migrated here from our western sibling, Pittsburgh. For two precious hours a month (every first Tuesday) Memphis slings $2 bottles of the pleasurably watery Pittsburgh staple Iron City as well as more substantive (and pricey) selections from Penn Brewery, with giveaways from both. That would be appealing on its own, but there’s also the Taproom kitchen’s ode to the heart–clogging mini–chain Primanti Brothers, whose sloppy, meaty sandwiches smuggle fries and coleslaw inside. Memphis’ kielbasa version classes up the concept with its usual fresh and local ingredients and nowhere near the salt and mayo content of a Primanti creation. And unlike the original, it’s not on chewy white bread imbedded with thumbprints, a move that could inspire more expats still. (Doug Wallen)

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