Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pittsburgh Taxi Driver

You want to know about a city? Interview a taxi driver:

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BB said...

Did they interview anyone not on a politician's or foundation's payroll? No! You interviewed the Mayor and an official from a local econ development NFP and a museum, also funded by tax-exempt $$$? And a taxi driver who has his own experiences to recount, fair enough, but not checked or cross-referenced against anybody else's POV, or any stats. I am sorry but I remember downtown PGH in the 1970s, and early 1980s as full of people, and full of small business!

Will CNN publish the list of all these high-tech companies and research centers they just reported from the bureaucrats lips as in existence? And just what constitutes a research center? And now many people are employed there, with bureau of labor stats about the income generated from these jobs therein?

And how much Federal $$$ and tax-exempt $$$ has been spent in the regions universities on "R&D" for the last 30 yrs with what job stats to show for it? With avg hourly pay rate included?

This is typical "journalism" from today's US mainstream media! Paid for by corporate advertisers, who are themselves in bed with the politicians, so their story alone gets out there with no questions asked. CNN is part of Time-Warner. Let's look at which cable monopolies their money comes from, which politicans decide about these monopolies, and who gets their PAC money!

We call it PR in my business! And lack of accountability for public $$$ in my book!