Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why Pittsburgh?

Too funny not to share:

One would think that holding the G20 in Pittsburgh would be the best way to keep the protesters away. It's a nice, quiet, conservative city that, as Sienna Miller once reminded us, doesn't exactly top the list of popular destinations.

I didn't realize that Sienna Miller is a consultant for high-profile international gatherings. Who would go to Shittsburgh to protest?

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BB said...

Well there really are "droves" living in London cause there are lots of little jobs for all kinds of young people there, and it is a magnet from all over the planet.

Not really the case for PGH where its mostly older folks now,living far away from their grandchildren, and devoted family people who stayed behind to look after them who were taught to "keep their noses clean" and live close by to family despite the economic rewards they forgo by staying close to home. I am still one of those at heart anyway!

So not too many people in the streets there, but that doesn't merit the use of the term "shitsburgh" I am sorry!

There are plenty of real "shitsburghs" out there and I can think of a few like Las Vegas, NV for example, where there really is no life for anybody except a dumb job in a casino or a call center (and a foreclosed condo of dreams!).

I am sure there are plenty of other places out there that also really offer no life to the new economic migrants, like Alaska I imagine, but will never know in real life, cause I have no intention of ever going there thanks to Palin's PR.

Pittsburgh was no such place, offering tremendous community institutions built by family men and women for decades for its young and old people forever!

Until of course our community was dismantled by an economic ideology that in the end served very few people in our country, but served them very well. According to Fed Reserve stats, 1% now controls something like 50%+ of the nation's corporate stocks (clearly more than a controlling interest, with inter-locking boards to many other institutions like universities as well), if you can believe that. And 50,000+ of these people are suspected of moving their money to Switzerland to UBS! Very patriotic!

That was after Pittsburgh's unions got busted, and our people shipped all over the country and world, and the industrial fortunes made here for 100 yrs got invested somewhere else like the sunny SE or SW or the bloated military subsidized oil industry which blocks investment in alternative energies for obvious reasons!