Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cleveland Diaspora Sighting In DC

From yesterday's Washington Post:

The Black Squirrel and its sister bar, the Toledo Lounge, are hosting a special Great Lakes Brewing Company tap takeover Saturday, with two kegs of the super-rare-for-D.C. Big Black Smoke porter among the many offerings. Native Clevelanders may also be pleased to find Hanky Panky sandwiches, a Cleveland staple made with ground beef and cheese cubes on rye bread.

I've never heard of the "Hanky Panky" sandwich. It's Google footprint is very small. Found some Rust Belt food wisdom here:

There are certain staples which are Ohioan by nature such as the Hanky Panky (a sandwich made with sausage, cheese and some Worchestershire sauce) or the Cincinnati style chili (a unique stew like combination of pasta, meat, onions, cheese and beans) to name a couple. These are typical foods, but don’t necessarily represent a cooking style that one would associate with a great culinary city.

I think the Hanky Panky does represent a cooking style. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what that might be. Might be a job for The Cleveland Review.

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