Monday, April 01, 2013

Exodus Beijing

Richard Florida is skeptical that return migration can adequately address the brain drain problem. The battle for the Creative Class is a zero-sum game. Some cities win, all the others lose. China's struggle with urban agglomeration:

“We’re anticipating this summer will be a very big season [of relocations out of Beijing] for us,” said Chad Forrest, North China general manager for Santa Fe Relocations, a global moving service. “It seems a lot of people, particularly families with small children who have been here a few years, are reconsidering the cost-benefit equation and deciding to leave for health reasons.”

Emphasis added. Quality of life for city families is a growing concern. Most communities are geared towards young, single, and college educated adults. Too few give a damn about talent with children in tow. Beijing's oversight raises a red flag.

The status quo, Creative Class geography. is that talent will go anywhere it needs to go to get the job done. In the Talent Economy, the rules have flipped. The best and brightest call the tune. The world is flat. Creative families matter, too.

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