Monday, July 08, 2013

U.S. Regional Immigration

Weighing in on immigration reform at Pacific Standard magazine.

Theme: Immigration and demographic decline.

Subject Article: "The case for regional immigration."

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3. "Urban Nationalism."
4. "Foreign Born, Educational Attainment, and Entrepreneurship."
5. "How best to save a neighborhood? The case for rehabilitation: Jeffrey Johnson."
6. "Comment by immigration lawyer Richard Herman."
7. "The Shaker Heights Collection."
8. "Can Anyone Save Slavic Village?"

Postscript: I would tie regional immigration policy to J-1 visas, which is already administered sub-nationally. A successful completion of degree program results in a diploma and a green card. Target research universities in distressed cities, which will make those institutions more attractive to foreign born talent. The influx will directly benefit eds and meds. It will strengthen that node in the international networks of knowledge, as well as catalyzing innovation. The economic impact will far outweigh the population numbers game, which makes sense in today's demographic reality of dramatically decreasing birth rates just about everywhere.

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