Monday, August 12, 2013

That New York City Magic

New York City struggling more than Detroit at Pacific Standard magazine.

Theme: Quality of talent migration over quantity.

Subject Article: "Bloomberg Warns the Next Mayor Could Follow Detroit Into Bankruptcy."

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2. "Lena Dunham Wants Brooklyn to Be More Like Chattanooga."
3. "Sorry Tampa, But You’ve Forced Me To Write Something Nice About Lena Dunham."
4. "Why New Yorkers Are Moving to Philly and What It Means for Our City."
5. "The United States of 2012: Where Does the Money Go?"

Postscript: Mayor Bloomberg spins quite a yarn about New York City's demographic boon. As long as the population keeps growing, city finances will be just fine. That thinking, kicking the fiscal can down the road, is the root of the Rust Belt city problem. Given global demographic convergence, any mayor can't depend on population growth to foot the bill.

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