Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Urban Frontier Mythology

Pittsburgh is as good as New York City, if not better, at Pacific Standard magazine.

Theme: Economic convergence of innovation.

Subject Article: "Is New York Only for the Successful?"

Other Links: 1. "Lena Dunham Wants Brooklyn to Be More Like Chattanooga."
2. "America's Urban Frontier."
3. "Diamond in the rust."
4. "Not Dead Yet: The Infill of Cleveland's Urban Core."
5. "Falling crime: Where have all the burglars gone?"
6. "New York, Once a Lure, Is Slowly Losing the Creative Set."

Postscript: "What [Detroit, New Orleans, and Pittsburgh] may lack in security and public services, they make up for with the opportunity to crash with a bunch of friends in a $500-a-month house and pursue creative work of the sort that takes time to be recognized and financed." Really? In that regard, one gives up nothing to move from New York to Pittsburgh and gains everything. There is no reason to stick it out in overpriced Brooklyn.

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