Monday, January 29, 2007

Network New Zealand

Not to be outdone by the Aussies, a group of Kiwis launched Kea in 2001:

Kea's mission is to connect New Zealand with its large global talent community, and contribute to the growth, development, and future prosperity of New Zealand by facilitating the sharing of knowledge, contacts and opportunities around the world.

The first Kea Group was started in Silicon Valley, understandable given the organization's bent towards innovation and collaboration. Kea has a more homeland-centric approach to connecting global Kiwis than the alumni network of Australia's Advance. The brain drain issue is mission critical for New Zealand, a country with the greatest percentage of its highly skilled workforce living abroad (among OECD).

Kea hopes to leverage this migration phenomenon to its advantage. New Zealand is desperate for talent, thus the orientation of the network towards the homeland. Like Globalscot, Kea aims to cultivate more entrepreneurial activity in New Zealand.


NEo said...

i am a budding manager, is it worth looking into moving? i am fascinated by New Zealand..

Jim Russell said...

Contact Kea and ask them about it. I'd bet they would bend over backwards to help you move to New Zealand if you have talent that the country needs.

From what I've heard, New Zealand is looking for anyone with a post-graduate degree, particularly MBAs.

If you have an MBA, you can probably write your own ticket to New Zealand.