Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Global Burgh

Pittsblog keeps the Manifesto momentum going. Apparently, the principles resonate globally:

We seem to have the same ingredients of diaspora, global connections, virtual communities, art and culture. And we can clearly learn from their goal of capturing the and benefiting from the "intellectual, economic, and cultural capital" of their diaspora.

In fact, read the Seven Principles of their Manifesto below and, as you read it, replace "Pittsburgh" with Metro Manila, "Pennsylvania" with the Philippines. With the exception of references to the Steelers -the rest of the ideas can very well apply to our city, our country and our diaspora.

Pittsburgh could lead the way for urban innovation. Few cities can claim such a distinct and highly visible diaspora. In fact, I would argue that Pittsburgh is unique in that regard. Take "Pittsburgh Nation" and put another city in Pittsburgh's place. Sounds funny, doesn't it?

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