Friday, April 06, 2007

Big Apple Burgh

The resident champion of Pittsburgh's Artist Diaspora, John Morris, has some of his work on display at a Chelsea (NYC) gallery:

So, I went to NY to network and catch the solo of an artist from Pittsburgh that has had some stuff in my gallery. From my past experience, I usually find that with almost no research, I run into 3-5 shows of artists with strong Pittsburgh ties per trip - not counting Andy Warhol. A last minute email from another artist clued me in on my own role in a group show which was a great bonus.

John Morris' networking in New York City is exactly the kind of effort I had in mind when I wrote about the New Pittsburgh Manifesto, "The goal now, as articulated in the Manifesto, is to deepen the relationship between local Pittsburgh and global Pittsburgh." I would liken Morris' role to that of an ambassador, helping Pittburgh artists thrive in the big city while advertising the advantages of taking up residence in Pittsburgh.

I'd like to see the Pittsburgh-NYC artist connection made more visible. Artists trained in Pittsburgh might find relocation to the Big Apple a bit easier and less intimidating, while more established artists might consider opening their first gallery in Pittsburgh, where rents are cheaper. For a glimpse of the potential, read this post about Bohemian Nomads and the gentrification of Paducah, KY.

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