Friday, April 20, 2007

Leadership Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Homes Daily chimes in on the recent Charles Landry talk for the Pittsburgh Children's Museum Charm Bracelet Project. One suggestion to improve the city concerned doing for others:

Mr. Landry thought that the Imagine Pittsburgh campaign would be more effective if, rather than focus on promoting Pittsburgh’s image, it spent its resources doing things for the rest of the world. He speculated that if Pittsburgh did interesting things that benefited the rest of the world, it would attract people who were interested in the things going on in Pittsburgh.

I don't know if this Pittsburgh Homes Daily report on the Landry lecture is indicative of a building consensus, but I see Landry's recommendation as another endorsement for Pittsburgh leadership in the realm of global cities. Pittsburgh could best serve itself by serving others. I think an urban diaspora project is one of the many "interesting things" Pittsburgh could do that would attract people.

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