Sunday, June 28, 2009

Name That City

I replaced the real name with "Shrinking City":

You always know whether you're driving into a city with pizazz, or one whose energy is dragging. In Shrinking City, we sensed the lively spirit of this place even before we reached our hotel.

All sorts of people were walking downtown, though it was a weeknight -- hipsters and students in jeans, executives in business suits, decked-out women carrying clutch purses. Some hurried, perhaps to catch a show; others strolled at a leisurely pace along the riverfront, talking and holding hands.

Neon flashed, restaurants were open. This was no darkened rust-belt town. In an era when so many cities in this region bemoan their boarded-up Main Streets, Shrinking City is hotter than [horseradish].

The above is in today's Miami Herald travel section.


Stephen Gross said...

Hipsters: city planners' latest and greatest economic development tool.

Unknown said...

Actually a well researched and written article, unlike this trash from Baltimore:,0,5336100.story