Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Transatlantic Cities Network

I'm in Charleston, SC this week for my niece's high school graduation and I'm not sure how much time I can find to blog. This morning, I did get in a quick surf of the web. GlobalPittsburgh has a post about the Transatlantic Cities Network (TCN):

A group of prominent Pittsburghers will travel to Europe this month to study how other post-industrial cities are learning to grow, and to spread the word about success stories in the Pittsburgh region.

The group, which also includes representatives of Cleveland and Detroit, will visit Turin, Italy and Essen, Germany, both of which suffered the collapse of their industrial base around the same time the steel industry bottomed out in Pittsburgh.

You can read more about the TCN here. Also, learn more about the Pittsburgh-Turin connection here. What kind of connectivity opportunities does the TCN engender? Check out the list of TCN representatives.

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