Monday, June 15, 2009

Out-Migration Assistance

Here's a fine example of disruptive innovation for workforce development:

The Citizen’s Information Board has introduced a new website called “”, which includes emigration information alongside information on social welfare entitlements, education and training options, reduced hours, and more. The information is culled from the larger database of information on the website.

The emigration information is located in a section called “Leaving Ireland” and covers such topics as applying for a passport, documents to bring with you, working inside and outside the EU, transferring social security payments abroad, and diplomatic supports abroad.

It might be helpful if the site included information on groups like the Crosscare Migrant Project in Dublin and the many support centres abroad for Irish people.

Imagine a local or state government in the United States supporting its residents in such a fashion. I guess effective labor mobility is off of the policy table thanks to brain drain anxiety. That's unfortunate.

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kentropic said...

Unfortunate, indeed. I'm a boomerang Pittsburgh native, and there's no question that my skills are sharper and perspective broader thanks to my time outside the Yinzer bubble.

It's a real shame that local leadership can't see how healthy out-migration primes the pump for infusions of diverse talent from all over the world. That would be a fantastic way to keep our vaunted economic transformation moving forward.