Thursday, August 19, 2010

Marcellus Shale Propaganda Wars

Clearly a shill for the energy industry, Energy in Depth makes a point juxtaposing two images:

The caption for the top image, "Hundreds in WV, Throughout thevRust Belt Want Gas Drilling Jobs …". As for the bottom image, "… While a Few Use Distortions to Stop Responsible Gas Development, Job Growth". I'm sure you appreciate the editorializing.

Also of interest is how progressives in Pittsburgh are pitted against the unemployed in Wheeling. Environmentalists want to destroy your livelihood:

Hundreds of residents from throughout the Ohio Valley waited in long lines Wednesday with hopes of landing a job with one of the many natural gas companies actively drilling in the West Virginia Marcellus Shale.

Nine recruiters from Chesapeake Energy, based in Oklahoma City, were on hand Wednesday to talk to job seekers during a six-hour career information open house at the PPG McKenna Shelter. ...

... For neighbors Shawn Long and Eric Westbrook of Middlebourne, who arrived before 10 a.m. and waited more than an hour to get through the door, the chance for new employment in the Ohio Valley is welcome. Both men said they are certified welders and have experience in mechanics and industrial mills, but they have struggled to keep working due to changes in industry and the economy in the Ohio Valley.

"This is a great opportunity for around here," said Long. "This (the gas industry) is one of the only things around here. It's a good thing they (Chesapeake) are here."

Both Long and Westbrook said many of the industrial jobs with local companies such as Ormet, PPG and Bayer are a thing of the past and simply no longer available.

"You can't get on at PPG anymore," said Westbrook. "It's this or the coal mine. I've got two kids and a wife I have to take care of."

I would wait and see how many jobs emerge out of the hiring fair. If you are Chesapeake Energy, the publicity is likely the main goal. Looks like the natural gas industry is starting to get more media savvy.


John Russell said...

Here's the pdf of an economic report generated for the American Petroleum institute. It gives you a a good sense of how the employment and economic impact numbers are generated.

Jim Russell said...

Unfortunately, the API report is more of the same mystery meat. It reads like more propaganda to me.

I'm looking forward to what David Passmore has to say.