Thursday, August 05, 2010

New Urban Workplace Geography

Via Innovation Daily, a recent white paper titled, "The New Urban Workplace" hypes the synergies between city amenities and talent migration. The narrative is dated, a pre-Great Recession landscape that might be dramatically shifting as I type this post. Furthermore, the author (Spinnaker Strategies) is pushing the same policy critiqued in the published academic article I referenced on Tuesday. Going forward, "The New Urban Workplace" doesn't add much to the discussion.

However, the paper does highlight the strength of the Creative Class framework in terms of its hold on regional talent management. Past is prologue. I doubt we'll see any new thinking on the subject any time soon.

Of interest to me is the use of Pittsburgh as a successful example of the new urban workplace. If you will, Rust Belt Chic attracts Gen Y talent. Brownfields are redeveloped into greenfields and pose a threat to the now aging suburbs. Opportunities are inward instead of ever outward.

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