Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When Jobs Leave The Sun Belt, Where Do They Go?

Gwinnett County is open for business, so touts the regional boosters:

The county has tallied more than 9,200 new jobs from 112 business relocations and expansions since 2007, according to a report released Tuesday by the economic development agency Partnership Gwinnett. Among the county's successes: persuading NCR to move its corporate headquarters from Ohio to Duluth, a move expected to create 3,000 jobs within five years.

I don't expect the local economic development agency to advertise the county's losses. Also, I wouldn't advertise the wins at the expense of the county next door. The story I want to read concerns the pattern of business relocation and the migration flow of jobs. The absolute numbers mean little to me. Any journalists out there care to dig deeper?

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Anonymous said...

I've always loved "open for business," with "quality of life" a close second. Money well spent on those Site Selection Magazine ads.