Thursday, October 17, 2013

Demise of the Global City

Global cities in decline at Pacific Standard magazine.

Theme: Globalization and geographic mobility.

Subject Article: "London’s Great Exodus."

Other Links: 1. "London Is Dying."
2. "What future for Britain’s ‘rustbelt’ towns?"
3. "The San Francisco Exodus."
4. "New York City's Next Williamsburg: Fishtown."
5. "Stay Put, Young Man: Americans used to be exceptional for how often they moved. But that once-powerful source of both efficiency and upward mobility is now in steep decline."
6. "Fortresses of Globalization and Wilmington, Delaware."

Postscript: To put a fine point on the post, I disagree with the analysis that migration patterns indicate economic divergence. I see economic convergence. Talent can have all of New York City in Philadelphia. Go ahead and move back to Des Moines, Iowa instead of sticking it out in sinking Chicago.

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