Friday, October 04, 2013

Racism Is Dying

To best model migration, gender trumps race and class at Pacific Standard magazine.

Theme: The shifting geography of race and Rust Belt Chic Cleveland.

Subject Article: "River Crossings: The old black-divide is breaking down as young people of all races migrate west."

Other Links: 1. " Bentley Faculty Profiles: Joni K. Seager."
2. "Captive Labor Markets and Migration."

Postscript: Possibly a new migration trend, “What’s going on in Lakewood is you have whites and blacks moving in and meeting together. You have young whites from far-flung suburbs moving and meeting up together.

The bigger change, in my opinion, is how we look at geography and migration. Globalization neighborhoods are mixing bowls of people who usually have college degrees. It may look more diverse, but everyone shares a lower social capital requirement for community development. That's not to say we've entered a post-racial era. Just that our concept of segregation is woefully outdated.

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