Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Atlanta Is Dying: Young, Smart People Are Fleeing Georgia’s Capital City

Atlanta mayor claims his city stinks at Pacific Standard magazine.

Theme: People develop, not places.

Subject Article: "Mayor working to keep more Tech grads."

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2. "Why 'Brain Drain' Can Actually Benefit African Countries."
3. "Mating With Migrants."
4. "Mesofacts Migration: Rural Counties."

Postscript: France beginning to embrace its brain drain:

Liam Boogar, a Silicon Valley native who three years ago set up Rude Baguette, a start-up blog based in Paris, says French tech entrepreneurs have been going to California since the 1980s. "They have probably done more good than harm to France. French engineers have a great reputation in the Valley, which France has underleveraged," he says.

So much effort is wasted on retention. Better leverage existing outflows and inflows of talent. Above all, remember people develop, not places.

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