Wednesday, February 05, 2014

It’s Settled: Silicon Valley Is Dying. So What’s Next?

Google is the migrant, talent the attraction at Pacific Standard magazine.

Theme: Economic divergence and convergence.

Subject Article: "The shadow of success: Facing the facts on Silicon Valley’s affordable housing crisis."

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8. "Pittsburghese as Lingua Franca."
9. "Google confirms expansion to Bakery Square 2.0."
10. "Waiting on Google's announcement at Bakery Square 2.0."
11. "The Rise of the Creative Class."

Postscript: I've been working up to this post for about two years. I termed the successor of the "Innovation Economy" (as Enrico Moretti called it in "New Geography of Jobs") as the "Talent Economy". I'm dumping the term. The "Legacy Economy" is already diverging while the Innovation Economy continues its decline. Meaning, Pittsburgh is not so much catching up to Silicon Valley as it is replace it on a global scale.

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