Tuesday, February 25, 2014

MOOCs Are Going to Make College Even More Expensive

MOOCs are for international talent recruiting, not education at Pacific Standard magazine.

Theme: Higher education and the Legacy Economy.

Subject Article: "How colleges are finding tomorrow's prodigies: American universities are using online courses to discover gifted students in math, science, and the arts. Meet three phenoms from the far corners of the world."

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2. "Why the United States Will Rule the Legacy Economy."
3. "Are Graduation Rates an Input or an Output?"

Postscript: New Jersey feeds high school graduates to Pennsylvania institutions of higher education. This is a source of considerable anxiety of the brain drain kind. But instead of retention, New Jersey institutions of higher education want to be more like Pennsylvania:

This scholarship is great, but there are a couple of other things we should keep in mind. It’s in the University’s interest to increase enrollment from out-of-state and international students, and yet these students currently make up only 14 percent of the overall student population. The higher tuition from out-of-state students will bring more money to Rutgers, and there could be more of a focus on this oft-forgotten part of the overall student population to increase their enrollment.

Demographically, New Jersey can't support Rutgers. Rutgers must import freshman (i.e. export higher education). MOOCs are a good way to do that and will allow Rutgers to collect more tuition dollars.

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