Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bollywood Ball

Sheffield has a professional ice hockey team nicknamed the Steelers. In fact, there are many connections between Sheffield and Pittsburgh. The third leg of this Kevin Bacon tale is Mumbai and bringing these places together is Akshay Hari:

HOT young Indian singers and dancers are flying in to Sheffield from around the world to perform at a glitzy Bollywood-themed ball to raise money for victims of the Mumbai terrorist attacks. ...

... Meanwhile Akshay Hari, 17, is flying across the Atlantic from Pittsburgh, in the US, to sing and dance partnered by Smita Ravichandram, 16, also from the States, who has been learning Indian classical music since she was seven. They will perform to a medley of Bollywood tunes.

Since Pittsburgh's foreign born population is so small, Hari's efforts make news. His journey represents network migration opportunities for Pittsburgh to explore. If the region is serious about attracting immigrants, then Pittsburgh should be a visible sponsor of this fundraiser in Sheffield.

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