Monday, February 16, 2009

Rust Wire

There is a new Rust Belt blog on the scene, Rust Wire:

This site is intended to consolidate and develop news and information about post-industrial Great Lakes cities. It was developed by two former newspaper reporters with ties to Cleveland, Toledo and Youngstown, Ohio and Erie and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We’ve noted that there is a lot of good information about Rust Belt issues coming from blogs and the mainstream media. We hope to sort out the good stuff and summarize it for problem solvers and concerned citizens from Buffalo to St. Louis.

We also intend to develop some original stories and photography. Any writers, videographers or photographers that are willing to contribute please contact us at Also, if there’s any thing we’ve overlooked, or any exciting initiatives that might be worth featuring, please let us know.


Angie Schmitt & Kate Giammarise

The more Rust Belt voices, the better. Welcome Angie and Kate.

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